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Online Nirvana – Chic Kitchen

In collaboration with mysmartprice

Window shopping has been my guilty pleasure since ages. I never missed a chance to go to Gokhle Road in Thane with Mom just so that I could ogle at the window displays especially of a shop called Jeans Junction which used to display the cutest of tops and jeans. And I can never forget the circuitous walks through Center One and R Mall during college days. Gazing at a pretty thing through the shop window is pure joy next only to eating DBC for dinner (Death by Chocolate, if you don’t know that, you are seriously missing something in life!) or a nap in a crowded BMTC bus! Call me crazy but I need my daily dose of window shopping to sail through the day :P.  And with so many ecommerce websites, I found myself hopping from one website another till I discovered mysmartprice.  This one stop shop is a product discovery website which displays products across myriad categories from multiple websites in one page. If you are searching for something in particular, instead of checking each and every ecommerce website, just check mysmartprice. Or if you too like me like to browse around different websites just for a kick, then too this is the place for you. The best feature I liked is that in case you come across a product you love but do not want to buy right away, you can bookmark/save the product.There are handy filters to filter store wise and the products are organized well under relevant categories, a perfect companion for online shopping J

And now to our window shopping…Do you need incentives to step in the kitchen? A pleasing well stocked kitchen will always make cooking a breeze. And if we infuse our kitchens with a little chicness and do it up in the same way as we would other rooms, I definitely will be inclined to cook more :D. There is something about a well-organized, well put together kitchen that I just love. Neatly organized cutlery, and cute cook ware and serve ware, smart storage tins and canisters, and jars, revolving spice rack and wicker baskets…these are some of my favourite things! (yup heavy Sound of Music hangover :D)

  1. Why restrict the trending ikkat print to just clothes! (fabfurnish)
  2. Early bird gets the coffee :D (fabfurnish) fabfurnish
  3. Cake/laddoo/fruits/cookies/centerpiece/condiments holder stand (fabfurnish)
  4. A boiled egg a day…well I don’t need any other reason than those cute egg cups (amazon)
  5. Tin tin J (zansaar)
  6. I swear I will bake bread myself if I had that :P (amazon)
  7. Too pretty to store dal :D (amazon)
  8. Canisters with chalk board labels, need I say more! (fabfurnish)
  9. Cook book/tablet stand (fabfurnish)
  10. Dispenser is indispensable for me :D (saw the play with words, yup I am proud :P) (zansaar)
  11. Variety is the spice of life and if you have so much variety, you need a rack :D (fabfurnish)
  12. Colorful cookware, yay or nay? (amazon)
  13. My birthday is in six months…just telling J (zansaar)
  14. Compact organized kitchen is a happy kitchen (zansaar)
  15. Serve it up (homeshop18)
  16. Chic twist to a table staple (fabfurnish)

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