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Online Nirvana – Monsoon Special

In collaboration with zoutons.com

Every day there is one “me time” I eagerly look forward to and that is going through the promotions tab in my gmail to go through the new arrivals and latest offers on the gazillion online shopping websites I have subscribed to. It is an awesome stress buster knowing that I can buy the pretty shoes I have been coveting at 40% discount. And that knowledge is my power; it gives me a high! I know it’s naïve because probably a million other people know the same thing and are even scoring the very deal. Now that online shopping has become synonymous with coupons and deals, scouring for deals has become addictive. Being the smart shopper that I am (ok ok I admit that I too like other mere mortals have been duped a couple of times :P) whenever I select a product to buy online, I immediately set out on the task to hunt for a coupon or a deal code to score the best deal. Of course there have been times when I have gone the reverse way and scouted for things to buy only so that I can use the amazing offer I might have stumbled upon. This way or that, the deals and offers are the ones on which the entire online shopping experience hinges. Of course google is our best friend when hunting for them but sometimes you just don’t have the time to search for a perfect optimal deal code and that’s when a comprehensive deal discovery platform like zoutons.com comes into picture. So when Sahil from zoutons contacted me for a collaboration, I realized that I have been spending more time hunting for offers than selecting the products and a portal like this could be my savior in crunch times!  What I liked about this site is the neat and clean layout and the exhaustive categories into which the offers have been divided. So you have categorization based on the type of the offer (travel, home décor, cosmetics etc), the store, the brand or even banks! (that’s a first I am seeing on any of the deal discovery sites). Effectively it’s a one shop stop you must visit before buying any product online to enable you to score the best deal.

                Now coming to our shopping escapade, today our theme is monsoon thanks to the blessed Bangalore weather (touchwood! :P). It’s been a while since the scorching heat (so unlike Bangalore L) has reduced and the rain gods have been smiling upon us every now and then. So this is a perfect time to stock up on monsoon friendly stuff so that we are ready to splish, splash and splatter.

  1. Happy feet = colorful rain friendly footwear (flipkartmyntraflipkart)
  2. Lock your jeans away, time for fast drying and easy to maintain bottoms (pun not intended!) (myntrajabongflipkart)
  3. Quirky umbrellas to make a style statement and you never know you might meet your special someone thanks to a unique umbrella! (any HIMYM fans out there?) (thebombaystorelimeroadlimeroad)
  4. Smart rain gear and don’t leave your pooch behind! (rediffshoppingheadsupfortailsflipkart)
  5. Monsoon = 50 shades of grey? Nah…dispel that grey with colorful (and waterproof) accessories (jabongjabongflipkart)
  6. Umbrella print for monsoons! I know, brilliant! :D (limeroadfirstcrylimeroad)
  7. Celebrate the weather by incorporating its elements in your décor (jabongpostergullylimeroad)
  8. Two of my phones had to die a quick death due to water damage. Show some love to your beloved gadget by rain proofing it. Or at least deck it up for monsoon (shopclueslimeroadflipkart)


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