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Event Review – Sampoorn Santhe 2014

My mom  is a huge patron of handicraft exhibitions and has the knack of picking up the most unique and classy sarees from them, so much so that almost all her sarees are from one or the other event like Weaves. She has collected quite a few trendy sarees for me from Assam Silk to Murshidabad Silk to a lovely one with katha embroidery. And not only sarees, even costume jewellery made of beads, statement necklaces, paintings, wall hangings, and various other artifacts and curios. Every time I go to Vizag from Bangalore, she has a new collection to show off and we would spend a good part of the first day discussing and marveling about them. I was so amazed by the unique and innovative products that I gave standing instructions to my mom to pick up anything which she deemed fit for me. She has an awesome taste but I usually do not like what she picks in the first glance but it would grow on me and become my favourite over time! (I can see mom shaking her head sarcastically with a half smile :P). In a bid to know more about our indigenous art and crafts and develop an eye for a good work of art, I also have started frequenting the art and craft and handloom exhibitions and I am hooked! I love strolling through them more than hanging out in a mall now (cultural evolution or first signs of old age? :D). So when Sampoorn Santhe happened to be in town coinciding with my parent’s visit, I made it a point to make a trip, the whole family in tow J
                If I have to describe Sampoorn Santhe briefly, I would say amalgamation of traditional arts and techniques with a clever and modern twist. I loved the fact that most of the things there would blend well with the decors and the tastes of today yet showcasing the rich heritage of crafts and highlight the finesse of the artists. Also true to their motto of “back to nature”, there are a lot of things made of recycled/repurposed materials and made of biodegradable materials and organic stuff. There are artists and NGOs from all over the country and it is heartening to see their dedication, sincerity and most of all their simplicity. They are eager to share their knowledge and their stories, and it makes for wonderful conversations. The prices are bit on the higher side for some products but I think that when we do not question branded stuff on their rates, we should give the artists a little leeway and not weigh the product in terms of whether it is worth the money. The santhe is held in the premises of Chitrakala Parishat which is a perfect setting for this kind of event. The colorful stalls nestled amidst the lovely green cover of Chitrakala Parishat are a treat to the eyes and you can easily spend an entire afternoon wandering through the place. And if you get tired, head over to the campus canteen for a reviving cup of filter coffee and a plate of hot pakodas or Mangalore bajjis J

So do visit it. It’s going on till 22nd June, 2014.

Here is Sampoorn Santhe through my lens (I know I totally went over board and went clickety-click :D)

Cool accessories

Loved the banana fiber bags and the colorful Channapatna stall

One of my favourite stalls - Ochre

Varied textiles

Loved the "Bajhinga" t-shirt :)
And the planters you see in the corner of the lower right pic are made of polythene covers!

Handmade organic toys

Black stone pottery and those picnic baskets!

Bonsai for sale

Loved the precision in both

Top pic - The hanging planter is made of dried lauki (bottle gourd)
Bottom Pic- The tree cover saved us from the afternoon sun :)

Loved the streamers made of printed fabric, such a unique idea!

The night view is equally beautiful

Coffee and bajji break after a long afternoon

Check out their facebook page for more photos.

Quick tip – Parking might be a problem as there is limited parking inside the venue and others are being redirected to Crescent Road for the same.


  1. those donkeys are my favvvvv!! so cute :)
    and yes lets totally talk about anything you have in mind..just drop me an email..
    so much love

  2. Yup they are :) Will drop in a mail soon :)

  3. this is so beautiful and i love all the stuff

  4. so pretty stuffs there, nice clicks dear.

    1. Hey thank you...I am trying to take better pics :)