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Table for two revealed

Hi everyone,

So my hunt for the perfect dining table which is compact, foldable and cheap has ended and....drum roll please....this is what I picked up. Tadaaa!! I know it looks more like a cafe table but it exactly fits our dinner plates and two serving dishes and also exactly fits the space available and it is yellow!! Do I need more reasons now :P

Table is from Fabindia and the chairs are from Zansaar.
Check out this post for more options and links :)
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  1. Loved what you picked. the cute yellow chairs :D

    1. Thank you :) Yup I am so happy about the yellow :)

  2. Review:

    The table is perfect for two.
    The chairs are decent and comfortable and can be accessorised with pillows.
    I am a little over the heavier side, so I thought twice before sitting on them.
    If you are like me, swap these with a stronger looking ones.


    ps: last time around, the slate read " you only live once - finish/eat the dessert " . someone already had finished the dessert.

    1. Haha...yeah with Puneeth around I can never expect the dessert to be around...And don't worry the chairs are quite strong. So next time you come over, that will be your seat :P

  3. Sucha perfect table! Love the idea! Instead of spending on something which takes bigger space buy what you need but beautiful!! Amazing pick!!

    1. Thank you :) Yeah I too thought the same thing...instead of spending too much on a conventional dining table, better to go with something which can be used in other places like a balcony or a sitout according to our need. We already have dragged it to the terrace once for a romantic meal ;) Glad you liked it and thank you for stopping by :)