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Street Steal – Stash away the dirty laundry

Now this was a total case of reverse engineering. I came across this basket while we were roaming in the by lanes of Jayanagar. It was a few months before the wedding and we were in a room revamp mode. Puneeth’s room in my in-laws house was a typical boy’s room, functional and messy. I did not see it in person, but his reference photos for décor planning spoke for themselves. So we were hunting for a wardrobe and a dressing table at that time (along with sarees, lehenga, jewellery, sherwani, suit etc obviously). We made umpteen trips to Fab India during that time to gaze at the lovely furniture but came back empty handed as it just did not fit our budget (we later somehow squeezed in a Fab India mirror and a shelf though J). So when I saw this basket, my mind immediately went to the Fab India laundry baskets I had seen (I remember it clearly because Puneeth had made a joke that who would need laundry baskets, implying who washed clothes or who kept a designated place to keep dirty clothes, I did not dare to ask). Anyway I saw the basket, had the eureka moment, shouted and pointed animatedly trying to explain my idea to Puneeth (he was being totally dense then, failing to understand my squeals of excitement). I hoped off the bike and went to the vendor and asked him the price. There were a few variants in size and shape and I zeroed in on this one. We did not bargain as we felt that 250 bucks that he quoted was a fair price (I am sure we could have brought it down to 180-200 but did not want to do that). The deal was sealed and we were the proud owners of a laundry basket (we did not have a wardrobe, a mattress or a dresser nor decided on the wall color or the drapes, but yeah we had a laundry basket!). Then realization dawned upon us in two parts. Firstly, how to carry it on a bike and secondly and more importantly how to carry a laundry basket to a gold jewellery shop, because that’s where we were headed then. We somehow carried it on the bike to the nearest friend’s house and promptly forgot about it till I saw this one on zansaar.com after the wedding. I bugged Puneeth to get it back and since it looked too bleh, added the pops of color by painting orange and blue on it. The End (*sigh* I like happy endings J)

The inspiration:

The whole picture :)

Where - Near Jayanagar 4th block park, Bangalore
How much - 250 only :)

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