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Decor Jabber - Fascination with trunks

Now that sounded dirty :D
Rest assured I have no fascination, association, obsession or attraction to trunks in the context of male undergarments :P

What I am talking about are storage trunks.

Use them as a bedside table or a coffee table or a console table or at the foot of your bed or seating arrangement with cushions or just in a corner with some quirky artifacts thrown in and you have a cute vintage element in your decor. And the best part is the extra storage!

Now that I finally had a chance to do up my house (stayed with in-laws till now), I was hell bent on including a trunk in my decor. I have already nicked one old school metal trunk from my mom-in-law. I also wanted a wooden one and got this amazing solid wood one from Fabindia (big time Fabindia fan :)). I am happy now as my trunk quota is over (for now :P).

Here are a few ways you can use a trunk in your home.

Trunk as a coffee table

 Trunk as a bed end

 Trunk as a bedside table

Trunk as display


  1. I love all the pictures...full of colors and fresh energies....
    I like the walls being light and furniture so colorful making all the room look youthful :)

  2. Thank you :) I love color. Sometimes I am scared that I go overboard :D

  3. Wow this is such a colorful post :) loved it.. Awesome clicks and great ways to utilize a trunk :)

  4. Thank you :) yup trunks are super versatile :)

  5. Great post dear.. the trunk never fascinated me this much!! :P .. U did a wonderful job using them in your new home.. :) :)

  6. OMG...its so cool and innovative...I cant thought of this even in my dreams...you are too good gal...:-)

  7. nice and colorful post.likd it.nice to hear from you.thanx

  8. fun ideas! loved the creativity. :) nice blog you have, soujanya :D

    1. Thank you Srishty :) Glad you liked it :)