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Online Nirvana – Cute storage for your kaapi and chai

Even a bare minimum kitchen will have tea, coffee and sugar at least (unless you are one of those bachelors who do not even have a stove!). Why not store your kitchen essentials in these cute jars then. Display them on your kitchen counter or on an open shelf or even on your dining/console table and you have convenience and style rolled into one J

  1. Earthy (fabfurnish)
  2. Colourful (fabfurnish)
  3. Favourite (zansaar)
  4. Spread the love (fabfurnish)
  5. Vintage (zansaar)
  6. More vintage (fabfurnish)
  7. Masculine (limeroad)
  8. Orange (mynesthome)
  9. Apple of my eye (zansaar)

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