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DIY – Bird Cage Chandelier

Bird cages add a touch of whimsy to the décor and I was totally smitten since the time I saw a few inspiration photos online. Then started the hunt for bird cages. The problem was that I wanted a vintage looking one in brass and all the pet shops had square aluminum ones with plastic roofs! I found a few online on ebay but they were turning out to be too expensive. Then I hunted a few Indian online home décor sites and found a few options but nothing which were close to the picture I had in mind. I was obsessed to find the perfect bird cage and scoured the net diligently. I visited quite a few pet shops and roamed the local markets in the hope of finding one and one fine day I just came across this perfect one in a small curio shop in Commercial Street (more on the shop later, it really turned out to be a treasure trove). It was antique looking, in brass and not too expensive; it checked all my boxes J.

         This DIY is quite simple. Get a cute bird cage and a string of fairy lights (you will find them in hardware stores with electrical supplies especially around Diwali) and wrap the fairy lights haphazardly around the cage and tada! Your whimsical light fixture is ready J. You can hang it in a balcony or display it on a side table, it works as an excellent mood lighting also. Even without the lights on, it will be a cute addition to your décor. 

Could not resist adding this one :)

          And while we are on the topic of bird cage, Puneeth and I played an awesome prank on one of our couple friends. We met them the day we bought the bird cage and when they asked what that metal thing clanging all over the place was, we told them that my parents had gifted us a talking parrot and that this cage was for it. They gasped in horror as we went on tell that the wings of the bird will be clipped so it can’t fly etc *evil smirk*. They kept a polite facade all through this, they did not buy the story that the parrot could talk but they completely bought the story that we were actually getting a parrot :D. Then after a few days they visited our place and when I switched on the chandelier, they had the eureka moment and we had the laugh of our lives :D

Let me go now and bask in the warm glow of my bird cage chandelier *smug*

Details of the store where I got this beautiful birdcage can be found in this post :)


  1. Hi, could you let me know which store you picked up that gorgeous birdcage from...:)

    Great post by the way!!

    1. Hi thank you and ya its one my favourite buys ever ) I got the bird cage from a shop on commercial street.
      Here check out this link for details :)


  2. I was searching for birdcage online and i ended up here! Nice work there and your blog is a new discovery! good going!

  3. Hi Angela, Thank you :) Glad you liked it and hope you come back again :)