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Online Nirvana – Welcome with a twist

They say “first impression is the last impression”. So give your guests a good first impression and pique their curiosity (now don’t use the same advice for first dates!) with a quirky doormat.

Here I have compiled a few of my favorites.

  1. Show your pet love (mynesthome)
  2. Bird print is trending(mynesthome)
  3. Spell it out clearly (mynesthome)
  4. Doggy love again (headsupfortails)
  5. Warning! (happilyunmarried)
  6. Unwanted guests? (happilyunmarried)
  7. Dose of humor (happilyunmarried)
  8. Give the cue beforehand :P (fabulloso)
  9. For the lost souls (fabulloso)
  10. Techi (fabulloso)
  11. Step on the dreaded weigh scale (fabulloso)
  12. Ethnic message (indiacircus)

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