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Event alert - MTV Rayban Never Hide Sound Presents Benny Dayal @ HRC Bangalore

Where – Hard Rock Café Bangalore

When – Fri, 15th Nov 2013, 9 PM

Tickets available on bookmyshow.com

Good but left us wanting more...
The event started off at 9 PM with an opening act by a band called Life. They were energetic with easy to listen music, mostly their originals and kept the audience engaged. But when there was no sign of Benny Dayal even at 9.25 PM, the crowd started getting a wee bit restless with many chanting his name. Finally he did make an appearance but his appearance was just that, a cameo, where he sang 3-4 songs with the band Life. Turns out they were not the opening act after all but the actual act with Benny Dayal thrown in for good measure. The supposed highlight of the evening, Benny Dayal singing 'Badtameez Dil' was quite a no show as he failed to create the stir the song demands. Also he did not comply with the crowd's repeated request for 'Daru Desi' which was quite a dampener. Now in spite of all this, we enjoyed the show because of Life's performance. The rendition of 'Inteha ho gayi' by the band's lead singer Piyush Kapoor was groovy as was their song dedicated to Rajnikanth. Now my only grouse with the show was why call it a Benny Dayal event if he was there only for guest appearance. Also the abrupt way the show ended where Piyush just announced that the song which they just sang was the last song of the day was quite a mood spoiler. Again here Benny Dayal was missing in action as he failed to even end the show or address the crowd when the show ended. Because of this the show ended on a low note and we left with a not so good feeling.

But thumbs up for Life, the saving grace of the show!

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