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Store Tour - Asiatic Arts and Crafts

Today I am sharing a treasure trove you will love rummaging through to find unique antique finish curios from whimsical birdcages to vintage looking clocks to ornate wall lamps and chandeliers to intricate brass work statues and lamps and door knockers. Tucked in a narrow tiny shop on the busy commercial street, this store is jam packed with all things pretty and the place where I had chanced upon my precious vintage looking birdcage spotted here and the stunning motorcycle miniature spotted in the third pic here. And when I say jam packed, I am not exaggerating, you remove one item from the shelf to admire it and a few more beautiful pieces will come tumbling down and so you will be drawn deeper into this treasure hunt. And it is indeed a treasure hunt, all you need is some patience and you can score some really unique curios at a reasonable price. And there is something for all tastes, be it quirky or vintage or ethnic or spiritual, the variety is mind boggling. It is also a very good place to find unique meaning full gifts for weddings or house warming (in fact I wouldn't mind anything from here on any occasion J). So check out this place the next time you are in Commercial Street.

Where - Right beside McDonald's on Commercial Street, Bangalore

The board is misleading, Kashmir House is the basement shop.
Left or right? I think it was one before...I prefer the left one...

Treasure trove!

I am not blowing my own trumpet...but this is awesome :D


Beautiful and intricate - Vishnu on Ananta Sesha

Stuck in a time warp

Tu cheez badi hais mast mast (brilliant joke isn't it? :D)

Bling Ring

Light at end of the tunnel

One last glimpse

Tip - There is scope for bargaining, so give it a shot. Also check the piece thoroughly before you buy it as there was a slight defect in one of the pieces I bought there. Happy treasure hunting! :)