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Online Nirvana – Table for two

Since the time I moved to Bangalore for job, most of my meals are spent in front of the TV unlike at home where we would all sit down at the dining table for a nice warm meal with great conversation and lots of leg pulling. After marriage also it is no different, we just plonk our selves in front of the TV with a plate in hand and even time our second (and third and sometimes a fourth, ok don’t judge :P) servings to coincide with the breaks in the show. So most of our meal time goes engrossed in the wise cracks of Denny Crane nowadays (yeah we are super late on the Boston Legal bandwagon but we are loving it plus it airs aptly at dinner time which is the only time we get to watch TV). While I totally recommend Boston Legal, I feel I miss the charm of having a meal on a dining table without the blaring noise of TV and more importantly without holding the morsel midair as I gape at the TV hypnotized and the food goes dry and cold. So now that the importance of a dining table is sufficiently impressed upon me, my next task was to find one to suit our budget and space. The later was more important as there is no dining space ear marked in our new home. It is just one hall with an open kitchen with no real space planned for a dining table. And most of the houses which we had seen before renting this one were in the same category. So we needed something compact and preferably foldable which we could shove in a balcony or an attic in case we moved into a house next with absolutely no space. Along with the space constraint, there was budget constraint too. We did not want to spend too much on a dining table, lest we lapse back to plonking in front of the TV :P.  So the requirements were compact, foldable and cheap J. Here are a few options we considered:

  1. Canteen table (yeah it does look like a canteen table but can be dressed up to look nicer J) (zansaar)
  2. Black (has lot of potential, think colorful chalk!) (fabfurnish)
  3. Perfect fit – compact and multi utility (zansaar)
  4. Standard (Same old, same old but it timeless) (housefull)
  5. Yellow bench! (need I say more! Psst…I love yellow J) (zansaar)
  6. Another cute bench (rustic – check, foldable – check, unique – check) (pepperfry)
  7. One more canteen style (Do not like the chairs but its cheap :P) (hometown)
  8. Cute and classy (add vintage floral elements or colorful glass touches) (hometown)
  9. Mix and match (compact and yellow! :D) (table - fabindia, chair - zansaar)
Other than these, we also checked out a few physical stores but mostly saw more clones of the standard one in number 4 with a little variation in the upholstery color. Manufactures seriously need to consider making more compact 2 or 4 seater dining tables considering the shrinking family size and the shrinking apartment sizes. So which one do you think we picked up J

For now sit back and enjoy Denny Crane!


  1. I love 5...love it so so much..but isnt the most practical...sigh!! y are all cute things impractical..
    let me know what u eventually pic my dear...n the vogue factor is a fun read..ull enjoy it i think :)

    1. Ya I know...cute things are impractical...be it a dress or a bag or a piece of furniture...I have already picked one. Will post a pic soon :) And yup waiting to lay my hands on the vogue factor :)

  2. Me to hunting for a nice dining table., something small and compact. 8 looks nice :D

    1. Yup 8 is actually one of my shortlists :)

  3. I really liked 2....would love to know what you finally picked up :)

    1. Yes, 2 makes me reach out to colorful chalks and scribble all over it :P Yeah sure I will post a pic soon of which one I picked up :)