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Online Nirvana – Gifts for him

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, I just started gift hunting for Puneeth. I know the day has been commercialized and many of us are of the opinion that we do not need one particular day to celebrate love and that we are unnecessarily imbibing “western culture”. While all this is true, I think there is no harm in exchanging gifts and making the day extra special for each other. If not Valentine’s Day then choose any other day, your first date anniversary, your engagement anniversary, anything. Bottom line is making the day special for each other. Exchange gifts, have a nice meal and spend quality time with each other. And yeah men love receiving gifts as much as we girls do. But we have to think out of the box, beyond wallets, belts, watches and t-shirts. Here I have compiled a few ideas for your quick reference :)

  1. Time travel (hitplay)
  2. Fauji bag for the macho man (happilyunmarried)
  3. Motorcycle cruiser goggles {Ranbir Kapoor and Nargis Fakhri in Rockstar} (rediff shopping)
  4. Truck art IPad sleeve (happilyunmarried)
  5. Toy for your boy {cheesy? I know! :P} (flipkart)
  6. For your handy man (flipkart)
  7. Super Hero material {too extravagant, will never buy myself, sorry Puneeth :P} (hitplay)
  8. Wall art for his corner {after all he only gets a corner, the rest of the house is ours :D} (wemakelove)
  9. Star Wars fixation {Amy should buy this for Sheldon J} (hitplay)
  10. Biker boy (titan)
  11. Man Bag ;) (happilyunmarried)
  12. Vintage phone cover (yellowtrunk)
  13. Party game (quirkoshop)
  14. Photographer’s cup (fabfurnish)
  15. Cuff links for the football fan {first of all, do people still wear cuff links? And secondly, better to find out about his loyalties before giving him this. You don’t want to give a Man U one to an Arsenal fan} (yellowtrunk)
  16. Potty Putty {did I hear ewww, apparently men love such stuff!} (hitplay)

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