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DIY – Makeup brushes holder

I did my own makeup for my wedding (did I see raised eyebrows in surprise :P). I did not trust the beauty parlour I knew in Visakhapatnam and more than that I did not want to shell out thousands for every occasion. One of my cousins spent a whopping total of 25k for makeup for 5 occasions! (that is considered a lot in traditional south Indian families, our weddings are more subdued than north Indian weddings which I love btw am waited to be invited to :P). My logic was that it’s better to buy makeup products worth 25k and learn to apply than pay so much and hope that he/she does a good job. And finding a good makeup artist in Visakhapatnam would have been tricky as I was in Bangalore and was traveling there just in time for the wedding. Anyway I am always in for DIY, my wedding lehenga was a DIY for god sake! I had a harrowing time getting it done but at the same time I had a lot of fun J (does that make sense :P)
    So I became all makeup junkie, reading reviews online (IMBB was a boon), watching tutorials, getting to know the difference between a bronzer and a blush etc and in the process collected a whole lot of makeup. My makeup collection before consisted of a kajal, a compact and a few lip balms (all of it fitted into my old college pen pouch) and after the wedding I had cream blushes, powder blushes, eye shadow palettes, mascara, two different foundations for matte and dewy (I did not even know these terms before) and etc etc. I am proud that other than one or two lipsticks (thanks to the mall lighting when I tried on at the store) there were hardly any misses (again the credit goes to IMBB). I have not become a pro at makeup but I am decent now (I can apply blush without looking like a clown and I can apply eye shadow without looking like someone gave me a black eye).
     With all that makeup came quite a few makeup brushes (never knew there were so many types) and I wanted to store my fluffies properly so that the bristles were not damaged and they were handy at the same time. A mug was an obvious choice but I wanted to up the cute quotient and make it all girly and pretty. So I took the plain white mug and painted makeup products all over it. I went all high end and painted Channel lipstick, Dior eye shadow palette, Givenchy mascara etc on it. I just googled for the images of real products and drew the same, first with pencil (it does not come out very dark, but it is enough for outline). Then I went over the same thing with acrylic paint. I tried to keep the colours same and added the logos and tried to copy the labels as well. At the end here is what I got J

On my vanity shelf :)

You can paint dresses or bags or shoes or even teddies or hearts or you can just doodle cute stuff on the mug. It would make a cute addition to your vanity display and more importantly all your brushes will be in one place intact.

Psst: It also makes a very good gift for your bestie :)
And psst again: This post is dedicated to IMBB which inspired me to start this blog :)

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