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Online Nirvana – Kitchen Armour: Aprons

Even if you are a beginner cook just graduating from making Maggi, wearing an apron gives the feeling of being a pro. Masterchef Australia is my all time favourite show and I just fancy how cool they look in their pristine white aprons, chopping chuck chuck chuck, using all that fancy equipment, dishing out these amazing looking dishes. The show revived my interest in cooking and the first thing I wanted in my own kitchen was an apron. After all you have to look the part to look convincing right? More over its practical to use one (you don’t want dosa batter splatter after you have dressed for office after all).

              I tried finding something in a water proof rubber kind of material (my Mom has this powder blue one in a thick fabric lined rubber material that she has been using since I was a kid and I always associate yummy food to it). Maybe I will flick it someday but till then I want some cute one so that look well as I cook well J

Shortlisted a few here:

  1. Sholay buff (indiebazaar)
  2. Nigella Lawson approved apron {she always adds a “glug” of wine} (giftthebasket)
  3. Don’t kiss and tell, but who stopped you from kiss and boast! (giftthebasket)
  4. Wear that apron and do the lungi dance I say (indiebazaar)
  5. Shopaholic friendly (fabfurnish)
  6. Make your stand clear (mynesthome)
  7. Vintage kitchen (mynesthome)
  8. For all the super moms (fabulloso)
  9. Sholay buff part 2 (indiebazaar) 
  10. Lets stereotype men for a change (fabfurnish)
  11. Division of labour (fabfurnish)
  12. Don’t have high expectations :P (fabfurnish)

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