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Event alert - Opus` 10th Anniversary Christmas Festival feat. Lagori & The Raghu Dixit Project

Opus seems to be having an amazing line-up of bands for its 10th Anniversary Christmas Festival. Puneeth and I are going for the Lagori & Raghu Dixit Project for sure. We are very keen on Swarathma too, lets see if we can make it :)

Meanwhile here is the list (a few of them are already already over):
20th Dec, 2013 - Pentagram
21th Dec, 2013 - Parvaaz & Swarathma
22th Dec, 2013 - Chronic Blues Circus
23th Dec, 2013 - Lagori & The Raghu Dixit Project
24th Dec, 2013 - One Nite Stand & Friends

Tickets for all them are available on bookmyshow.com


Could not make it to Swarathma but we did go for Lagori and Raghu Dixit Project and OMG it was epic, fantastic, spell bounding, terrific, brilliant, mesmerizing, super super awesome and ...phew...I am really not exaggerating. The venue was not that great and we were kind of apprehensive once we reached Opus. The place was small and cramped with a tiny makeshift stage. Basically it seemed like it was being hosted in the backyard of Opus, seating being floor cushions with a few tables in the periphery (apparently one had to make advance reservations for the tables). But the seating did not matter one bit as we were on our feet the whole time and the performance more than made up for the venue. The opening act by Lagori was short but crazy. The energy of the lead singer (Tejas Shankar) was infectious as they belted out their hits Boom Shankar, Hadimba (recently released) and Sun and Moon and the Kannada hit Padakane. The horn section by Rahul (loved his green pants and bow tie) and Kavya (members of band Clown with a Frown) added another dimension of craziness going on the stage.

              Then it was time for even more craziness as Raghu Dixit stepped on the stage with his team. I was not very familiar with their songs (Puneeth is a BIG fan) but I was hooked from the word go. They opened with Jag Changa and went on to perform Parasiva, Yaadon ki kyari (such heartwarming lyrics), Lokada Kaalaji, Mysore se aayi, Gudugudiya Sedi Nodo, Just Maath Maathalli, Neene Beku, and Mahadeshwara (they sang almost all their major hits and crowd requests too, yup they were very sweet J). Raghu Dixit explained the gist of a few songs beautifully (Yaadon ki kyari, Parasiva and Lokada Kaalaji) and I loved his remark about Kannadiga’s being the “majority” in the crowd and the majority crowd did not disappoint the band as well as it sang along each every song. At many places the band just played the music and the crowd took over J. This was crowd interaction at a whole new level. It seemed like the band was having an equally good time performing as we had watching them. The beauty of their songs lies in the fact that they are a perfect amalgamation of catchy tunes, colloquial language and fun yet philosophical lyrics. I was totally blown away by the fact that each and every band member was an amazing musician. Be it their most recent recruit; the Mysore drummer (sorry I could not catch his name), or the shy violinist Aadarsh, the bass guitarist Gaurav (loved his head banging), Stephen; the other guitarist who played some fancy string instruments like Banjo (he had such a sweet smile throughout the performance) or the cutie flute guy; Parth. Each and every one of them was absolutely brilliant. The CDs of their latest album Jag Changa were being sold at the venue and Raghu happily signed them and posed for photographs before and after the gig. Apparently he performs at Opus on the same day every year (something like a ritual for him), and it might become a ritual for us to attend each year J

P.S: Will upload a few photos and videos soon. Just was not sure if it is cool to upload the videos. Will think over it and update soon :)

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