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DIY - A jar full of memories

While I am going bonkers about which color curtains to buy to researching on the best TV, Fridge and Washing machine (the mind boggling choice is not helping), here is a DIY which has a special place in my heart. We went to Andaman for our honeymoon (who invented that word :D) and to say that we had a blast would be downplaying it. Hence I decided to create a cute display which will always remind us of the wonderful trip.

   Now the inspiration has to be my habit of collecting small souvenirs, ticket stubs, pebbles, shells, dried leaves, pretty much anything that can be pocketed in the name of nostalgia but I would also like to give credit to Pinterest. I saw a display of shells in a glass jar and that gave me an idea and of course memory jars commemorating vacations are quite common in the world of DIY.

   I had collected only a few shells from Andaman as our scuba instructor told that each shell is a home of a hermit crab and if we take one shell, we are depriving one hermit crab of its home. After hearing that I did not have the heart to pick any (and there were so many on the beach, and they were so pretty). Seeing this, David (our scuba instructor) added with a wink that it is ok to pick four or five for sake of memories (yeah he was a charmer alright). So just picked a few shells from the beach, one of each kind unlike some people I saw at the airport with pickle jars full of shells (btw it is not allowed to carry back so many shells, police at baggage check won’t allow you to). Anyway more than the shells I was excited about an awesome find by Puneeth on the beach – a heart shaped rock!! I mean beautiful coincidence to find it on our honeymoon. Kind of like an indication from above that our relation was going to be rock solid (it’s my honeymoon, I am allowed to go farfetched with my philosophy :P)

   Anyway, putting it together was quite easy. I scavenged an old glass jar from my mom-in-law’s attic, added the shells and the rock, and popped in one of our pictures. The twine was added at the mouth of the jar to give it a rustic look. This is so versatile, looks good on my fridge, on a console table even on the coffee table. It’s a great conversation starter. But more than that it’s a beautiful reminder to the awesome time we had J

So without further ado, presenting to you our memory jar J

P.S: I use a Sony point and shoot camera or my phone to take the photos and then add a few effects. Please bear with me while I improve my photography skills.

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