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DIY – Gift for an expectant mother

I find the whole gift giving business quite tiring (Sheldon Cooper thank you very much!) but I also secretly enjoy it J I love finding the perfect gift suitable for the person, suitable for the occasion and ya also suitable to my wallet. Now with so many factors thrown in, finding that perfect gift which will make the other person go “Wow! that was what I wanted” or at least “Wow! I never thought I should have it.” is quite a challenge.

But challenge accepted (à la Barney, that’s the second sitcom reference, I should stop now :P). So where was I…. ya so we have established that fact that I love buying/making/fussing over the perfect gift. Now when my cousin’s wife broke the good news, I immediately started thinking of a good gift to take along when we go to visit them. Sweets, chocolates, flowers etc are done to death and between the morning sickness and mood swings, remote chances that she would have enjoyed them. My next option was a pamper basket including hand cream, body butter, scented candles, the works. But I did not get the perfect basket to pack them all in (yup I am such a nitpicker) but more than that I did not have time to hunt for all of that and the basket. I wanted some easy way out yet without compromising my unique and perfect gift condition. So I thought of customizing something, and a mug seemed to be quite simple and easy. I went with the super mom theme, twisted it to make it more appropriate by adding “to be”, added her name and googled a fun image for the mug and photoshoped it all together into one image. Just give the image to any of the customizing kiosks and it was ready in one day J. I got it done in Kodak customizing shop in Jyothi Nivas College Road, Koramangala, Bangalore. But you can get it done anywhere. And you have an appropriate gift which conveys the thought aptly. Pack it up in a cute way and you have upped the gift’s aww factor even more J

Here are the pictures (sorry for the bad quality, took them in a hurry with a phone just before giving :P)

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